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In case you’re here on this page, you ought to have officially begun your website! Congrats! :) (If you’re not up and running yet, please look at my “The manner by which to Start a Blog” post, first!). Also now, here are of my best tips for new bloggers.
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Simply a note that a portion of the connections underneath are associate connections. Much obliged, as dependably, for your backing!
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1) Windows Live Writer.

As opposed to utilizing the website composing box on my WordPress dashboard, I compose all my posts (and distribute them) through Windows Live Writer. I’d very suggest downloading it – its free and truly simple to utilize (albeit accessible for Windows workstation clients – it won’t work with Mac)! It makes blogging a million times simpler on the grounds that you can see all that you’re adding to your website, and see precisely how the textual styles, dividing, shades, and pictures will look, before you distribute. You can even distribute a post for a particular date and time later on, so that on the off chance that you’ll be far from your machine a post will show up while you’re away. It’s path simpler to add photographs to posts, as well. I’m genuinely not certain in the event that in any case i’d be blogging without it! Here’s a screenshot of what it looked like when I was composing this p

Tafe Course for Dyslexics

Hi Dawn I recently purchased your book and I just love it it is so user friendly and I just want to keep reading it. I am a teacher assistant at a secondary school and have been working with a year 8 girl who is dyslexic your book was mentioned to me in the holidays and after purchasing it can see that it is going to be very useful. So thank you. I would lke to know more about the course that is running at Tafe in WA, is it available on line what age or year level is it aimed at. Look forward to hearing from you Marisa

Dyslexic Centre Australia School for Dyslexics.


Having recently set up Dyslexic Centre Australia ( we are now looking for premises and a school.

If we can prove that there is a need for a specific school for dyslexics in Australia, and currently there is no such school (no one can tell me of one despite my asking for 3 years and none are listed), then we can claim a commonwealth grant to start one. I am contacted all the time by parents desperate for such as school and it is parental pressure that is forcing me to open one. Families are actually moving away from Australia in order to educate their dyslexic kids. (see comments on this blog).

The school would be called:

Dyslexic Centre Australia School for kids too unique for mainstream education

We would hope to offer scholarships to disadvantaged and gifted dyslexics.

Our school would offer the following:

  • Day and boarding facilities
  • Summer camp, for families and teenagers by themselves, for those who did not want full-time boarding
  • Assessment and individual learning programs set up for out of town or interstate kids.
  • Seminars for teachers and parents
  • Seminars and courses for teachers
  • Accredited Personal development courses for learning support and class teachers and teachers aids
  • Student based teaching programs based on individual needs following the Dawn Matthews teaching methods
  • Fully trained dyslexic teachers – trained by us
  • Continuous assessment and retraining for teachers
  • Pupil based teachers assessment
  • Individual learning program and outcomes for each pupil reviewed every term
  • Integrated use of technology
  • Spelling, reading and maths is taught by structured, hands-on, multi-sensory phonics based learning
  • Concentration on painting, drawing, film, creation, technical skills, sport, respect for others, design as well as excellence in writing, reading and math concepts
  • A school where kids are encouraged to be themselves and do things the way they feel happiest doing them
  • A teaching program based on a pupils strengths
  • Teaching that concentrates upon making the kids confident and self assured and equipped for the world after school.
  • A school where the pupils have a say in the everyday running and decisions
  • A school open every day for any parent or kids anywhere needing help or reassurance
  • A school which would showcase just how very smart dyslexics are when taught properly

If you think you would be interested in such a school please do add your name (as a comment below) thus showing your interest in such a school, so that we can give numbers to the people considering our proposal – we can also keep you notified of progress.

My daughter’s report

hi dawn
as i was reading my Daughter’s report you wrote i got teary because i now know what it is like for rose, i could always see it but when ever i tried to talk to some one about it they always said that there was nothing that could be done and now there is, i know now that roses schooling and her learning is going to improve. thank you so much. i havent contacted you because i can’t think of anything that i have missed out when i spoke to you on skype.
[ name withheld ]

Jessica Watson

We would like to congratulate Jessica Watson on her round the world single-handed yacht achievement.

Not only did she show enormous courage, focus and determination in completing this, but she also had the courage to stand up and declare that she is dyslexic.

And she did this even though virtually the whole world said that she would fail. And she is only 16 years old.

Never again tell a dyslexic that s/he had poor concentration, focus problems, does not care about completing a task or is lazy!

We are honoured to add Jessica to our famous dyslexic list.


See her at

See other famous dyslexics at:

Find out about Dyslexic Centre Australia at

or Dyslexic Centre Australia in facebook.

The first SKYPE assessment ..

Below is feedback about our very first Skype assessment …

HI Dawn,
I will leave my blog here about the amazing assessment that was done for my 12 year old daughter (Hannah) last month. Hannah had a Skype assessment done here in QLD, live from Perth. Once we semi darkened the room and moved the laptop about, Dawn was able to see most of what she wanted too via the laptop camera.
Paying $200 for this service seems little in comparison to what I was quoted in Brisbane $600 for starters. It has been a relief to find out about Dyslexia and now Hannah and I can work together on it.’
She has just started high school here at James Nash, after being homeschooled and after a few discussions between the teachers, she has been able to stay in mainstream use a laptop and be placed in their new ‘digi’ class, class for mainstream kids to use computers etc….I have been really impressed at the willingness of the teachers to help her. I have made a special card for Hannah to show her teachers explaining how she learns best, i.e.) she needs hand outs etc.
Keep up the great work to all the parents out there and thanks to Dawn for seeing her artistic ability and abilities. Will keep you posted as I feel like we are making new grounds into the school- educating the educated. I am encouraging my wonderful daughter to pave the way for other dyslexics and others who have a different way of learning.
You will see me back as I have 7 other children, 4 of which could have some degree of dyslexia, but that will be another story,
Encourage others about the new way of testing via Skype, you will be amazed and blessed!!!

Can you recommend schools for Dyslexia in Brisbane?…

Hi My son is 8 years old and has recently been tested as dyslexic and I was enquiring if you have any schools you could recommend in the Brisbane area and any programs or software that may assit

I do not know of any schools that in way cater dyslexics in Australia. I am trying to set one up but it takes time, and anyway I am in Perth.
I am writing materials all the time and my new complete Dead Easy Phonics course in coming out next month, hopefully. In the meantime the best programs are the Nessy program from the Uk

My book Dyslexia – How to Win tells you a lot of things that are helpful. the rest of the material i sell will soon become a part of the new Dead Easy Phonics program. Mathletics is also the best I can suggest and can be found online at a cost of about $100 per year.
hope this helps

What fonts are easiest to read?

Hi Dawn,

Just a quick question for you. Which of the fonts that are generally available on computers are easiest for you to read? We would like to make all our marketing material as user friendly as possible for our clients and I presume that what works well for you would work well for other dyslexics.

I know that you were very impressed with the Nessy font but I don’t think that is generally available.

Did a survey ion this last year. asked about 100 dyslexics and gave them a choice of the ones the committee liked best.

The ones that people liked best were the simple fonts with wide spaced letters.
I print my sites etc in arial,and my books are a now a combination of arial and bradley hand bradley hand. However the preferred fonts were those with a proper round “a” but there are no generic ones so sites cannot be made out them.

Comic sans was the most popular followed by bradley hand and the arial. If you expand the letters and put 2 spaces between every word it makes it much easier for dyslexics to read. Also bigger letters are better, and short lines.

hope this helps