Can you recommend schools for Dyslexia in Brisbane?…

Hi My son is 8 years old and has recently been tested as dyslexic and I was enquiring if you have any schools you could recommend in the Brisbane area and any programs or software that may assit

I do not know of any schools that in way cater dyslexics in Australia. I am trying to set one up but it takes time, and anyway I am in Perth.
I am writing materials all the time and my new complete Dead Easy Phonics course in coming out next month, hopefully. In the meantime the best programs are the Nessy program from the Uk

My book Dyslexia – How to Win tells you a lot of things that are helpful. the rest of the material i sell will soon become a part of the new Dead Easy Phonics program. Mathletics is also the best I can suggest and can be found online at a cost of about $100 per year.
hope this helps

Enquiry about my child … please help

Hi Dawn, my 6 year old boy has been diagonosed with dyspraxia, add, dyslexic and possibly asbergers. He started school last year and had a difficult year. After much debate I finally gave into my pediatrician and put him on ritalen, purely to help him focus and concentrate for longer to learn. This year he is in the reading recovery program, unfortunately in nsw dispraxics cannot get funding for a teachers aid. It is extremely frustrating for these kids because of the lack of support they receive. Kieren is about 2 years behind with writing and reading, he is already noticing and wondering why he is not writing and reading like the others. Could you give me some advice on how to help him. How much does it cost to go to your school, what are the fees per term?

Unfortunately we do not yet have a school we are trying very hard to get funding. We are in Perth Wa.
he cannot be dyslexia and asbergers. thy are 2 completely different ways of thinking. He ix also unlikely to be both dyslexic and dyspraxic but it is possible. If he is not catching up with his schooling on the drugs then he should not be on them.

i’m currently assessing kids to find out what actually they have and then showing parents how to teach them using my teaching materials which are soon to be published. I am doing this through the use of SKYPE although some are people are actually preferring to come vast distances to see me.

my “Dead easy phonics program” will be out soon and this is aimed at parents so that they will be able easily to teach their kids themselves. although you have to stop the ordinary school homework to find the time.
hope this helps

Exciting News

Hi Dawn, very exciting news about the Centre – keep us posted on prgress, Anna is due to start boarding school in 2011!!
Thanks again for the brilliant work you did with her in July – she is working through her phonics programme and showing vast improvement in her reading and spelling. She tells everyone how she is going to be a teacher and how you are going to employ her one day.
What you have done for our girl’s confidence is awesome and we’re really excited that you’ll be able to share your knowledge with so many more kids in a school. Best of luck.
- Donna

Hi Donna,
So Glad that she’s improving. the phonics I give to parents is really easy isn’t it. She
s a great kid and I am pleased to be able to help her.

Dyspraxia Book

Hi Dawn I am having a little trouble logging in, so thought I would go this way. I can not say how greatful I am for your help. Although my 11 year old daughter was diagnosed with dyspraxia several years ago, I really didn’t understand how she saw the world or some of the funny little routines she has like being terrified of the dark. After reading your book, I now have a much better understanding. I read over some of the points in the book with my daughter and she said “That’s me, I’m not weird”. We are now using some of your strategies and things are running much smoother, particularly like giving her a little more time to do things ans say things. Hey the whole family is better organised, as we have just started a new daily routine.

Hi Raewyn.
I am so pleased that I have been able to help. She’s a great kid. keep believing in her.