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Is your child bright but struggling in mainstream education?

Is your child bright but struggling in mainstream education? If so then this site is for you. This site is for dyslexics so if you are having trouble reading this then get a free voice over installed.

About this site

At A Toti Publication - Scottish for “a little publication”- we only ever publish books, games, courses and eBooks in plain, easily understood English.

We avoid long, specialist words and actually use as few words as possible. We try to explain concepts through simple analogies taken from every day experiences. So you learn to fully understand how dyslexics, dyspraxics, ADHD and other peoples think and perceive the world. We also demonstrate and explain how best to help these people.
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Every game and every teaching course has been tried on numerous children, children who hate everything else they have been given, children who had failed on everything else. We get feed back from parents and teachers but, more importantly, we get feed back from the kids. We have made many changes to each and every game, book and course on the recommendation of the kids that have been playing with them

We keep all games and work sheets uncluttered so distractible kids can better focus on the concept being taught. We also work hard to ensure that our materials are ageless. We avoid simple, childish images or content, so that older pupils do not feel humiliated or angry when presented with our products.

We have revolutionised the layout of books to aid in comprehension. The layout of every page has been thought about in detail, so you never turn to a page and be confronted by a solid sheet of text. We understand that many intelligent people find reading difficult and many more struggle to comprehend complex, tightly compact, long words in small fonts. Often people with dyslexia, dyspraxia, Asperger’s or Irlen Syndrome see a white page crammed with text as black insects scurrying about on white rivers.

If you still have problems reading these products we recommend you buy them downloadable as eBooks and go to www.dyslexiccentreaustralia.org.au to enable or download free text to voice software on your computer. (Go to voiceovers on the top menu bar.

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Visit our parent site - Dyslexic Centre Australia (www.dyslexiccentreaustralia.org.au) for free handouts for parents and teachers.